Friends / Clients of Dolly's Petting Sitting Services Friends / Clients of Dolly's Petting Sitting Services Dolly This is our precious "Dolly" who is so brave and so courageous in her fight against 2 cancers. We love you "Dolly" and will always be the "wind beneath your wings" as you are the same to us! Dolly passed away 20AUG2012. We miss her dearly! Please visit Dolly's Celebration of Life page on the Website. We will always love you and remember you, Baby Girl! Love Daddies 128250727 Bella Bella is a bundle of love and joy. 123204819 Mugsy Mugsy was his Mommies best friend. RIP buddy. We all miss you. 123204820 Fifi Fifi is always looking for a lap to sleep on. She is so small, but big on sweetness. 123204821 Miss. Daisy When Miss. Daisy is not sleeping, she is busy loving people. 123204822 Destiny Destiny puts the A in attitude, but when you are that cute it is okay to have attitude. 123204825 Lexi & Bentley Buddies forever! 123204826 Maggie Boots Just love me! 123204827 Baby Is he not precious? Pocket size delicous! 123204828 Moses & Maggie Energy and excellence ... two perfect words to sum up these precious babies. 124936301 Mr. Bentley What a face! :) 125958646 Echo & Jose Echo is one big boy, but when it comes to getting love he thinks he is a lap dog. 125958647 Toby Toby is one of Dolly's buddies at The University of Penn, also getting chemotherapy. We love you Toby & Laura ... always believe! Last report on Toby is chemo is done and he is doing well. Keep it up Toby! 125958648 Zoey & Jose Zoey is a bundle of love! 125958849 Rocky Rocky is a BIG doggie with an even BIGGER heart! 128056396 Chloe & Jose Great smiles! When your pet clients smile you know your services are the BEST! 128250724 Fletcher Quite, but sweet. 128250725 Salem Loving his private time. 128460829 Romeo Romeo puts the H in handsome! 128250726 Pinky Dolly's made housebreaking an easy task for Pinky and his owners. 128460478 Sunshine Perfectly tweet! :) 128460479 Angel Her name says it all. 128923913 Delilah & Jose Delilah is Jose's buddy for life! Delilah's pet parents would say, "this was love at first sight". Delilah always wants to be right by Jose's side and Jose has no complaints about that. :) 128923914 Dulcie & Guy What a beautiful young lady and always content to be held. 128923915 Pudge What a beautiful baby! 129261277 Roxy & Jose Loveable, hugable, and caring ... that sums up Roxy. 129261278 Samantha Samantha is one of our special need clients. She is deaf and has physical disabilities, but is always determined to make the best of everyday! Sam is a canine with a human soul. RIP sweetheart 2012. We miss you Sam and will always love you! 129702106 Poochy Poochy steals the hearts of everyone he meets, but he likes to take a bite too. :) We love ya Poochy! 129702107 Ava Ava is one of our clients with special needs. Ava is deaf, but responds perfectly to Sign Language. She is a precious sweetheart! 130192698 Dolly and Daddy Dolly and 1 of her daddies heading out to visit clients. What a fierce outfit! :-) 130192699 Lucy & Family Lucy came to Dolly's all the way from the State of Texas! Wow ... Dolly's has offically gone national!! :-) Lucy's pet parents already booked her stay for 2012 and said, Lucy is a "forever" client. 130192701 Zoey What a wonderful doggie! 130504446 Yellow Funny, energetic and always watching out for his other canine family members ... Yellow is awesome! 130504447 Lupey A little doggie with a big bark, but bigger heart. 130504448 Buzzby & Blackie What a great team! These guys never leave one another's side. RIP Blackie. We all miss you! 130504450 Aggie Aggie is being joined by her friend Dolly in this picture. What a pleasure to care for Aggie ... she is the Winnie The Pooh of doggies! 130504451 Lucy Our Texas girl! :) We are so excited, Lucy will be staying with us again this Summer when her family returns for vacation in Rehoboth. 130504452 Chili Chili really enjoyed the company and so did we. 132009425 Baby (Rosie) Rosie aka Baby is so precious and always enjoyed being held. 132009427 Chili, Rudy, and Baby 132009428 Rudy Rudy was happy to meet us every morning. 132009429 Carmen, Trippe and Guy Sized to be lap doggies? No, but wonderful, YES and too cute to say No to. 132048992 Carmen Precious ... Beauty Queen and a Gentle Giant! 132048993 Rudy Fun, Kind, and full of life! 132048994 Ranger Ranger greeted us at every Home Visit. 132048995 Leo Sugar, Spice and Everything Nice ... that is Leo! 134484825 Leo Leo celebrated his 2nd Birthday while at Dolly's. Nobody celebrates a doggie Birthday Party better than Dolly's Pet Sitting Services. Our Birthday package includes: Decorations, Dog Bone Party Hat, Doggie Cake, Hot Dog, Games & Pictures. 134484826 Rome, Delilah & Guy Romeo and Delilah were one of Dolly's first clients and still our today. We are now honorary, Uncle Jose and Uncle Guy ... we are proud! :) 134484827 Sadie & Reina Day Care Buddies. We have had the honor of watching Sadie grow. She is a wonderful young lady. Reina and Sadie are best of friends! 139887625 Zoie What a beautiful lady! Tiara please!! 139887626 Chip & Steve Chip & Steve are fun, loving, and entertaining. They love when we read bedtime stories and sing songs to them. 140485579 Maggie Maggie loves feeding time, but gave us camera time. 140485580 Petey, Reina & Dolly Petey likes spending nights at Dolly's and hanging out with Reina and Dolly. 140485581 Snickers Treat, please. 140485582 Bessie Bessie is our first client from Dover, DE. We are excited to be reaching out to families throughout DE, to provide the BEST pet services available and at an affordable rate! 140487589 Ellie & Burns What precious smiles! Dolly's loves our pet clients and they love us back. 140759256 Guy & Celeste Celeste enjoys long doggie walks with Dolly's and Dolly's enjoys the time with Celeste. Celeste always has perfect doggie report cards! :) 142177792 Mia Model Mia is sporting her latest fashion. 142177793 Jose, Romeo & Delilah A day in the City of Brotherly Love (Philadelphia, PA). 142177794 Snowie & Santa Paws Jose & Guy visited the homes of our pet clients dressed as Santa Claus and Jangle Elf. The pet clients and their families appreciated the special magic provided by Dolly's. Ho! Ho! Ho! 145382486 Willy What a ham! 145382487 Lincoln Mr. Lincoln moved to Chicago and was referred to the care of Dolly's Pet Sitting Services from his Veterinarian. This little guy stole everyone's heart from day one! 193088496 Blondie This precious girl has been a client she was just a puppy. So beautiful and loving! 193088497 Corky Corky and Cooper are brothers who have been clients of Dolly's since they moved to DE. They get so excited when they see someone from Team Dolly at the door. 193088498 Cooper Cooper is Corky's brother. Cooper loves taking long walks and getting belly rubs. 193088499 Dillon Dillon is one of 3. His siblings Tyler and Zoe are not pictured, but Dillon was happy to pose. Very loving and enjoys when his sitter from Team Dolly sings to him. 193088500 Bailey Beautiful is the one word to describe Bailey. Inside and out, he is a charm. 193088501 Oscar This little man is so full of life and love. His favorite things in life are playing ball, taking walks and getting loved by Dolly's Pet Sitting Services. 193088502 Matilda One big girl, but a true gentle giant. Matilda's best friend is Shengli a small Shih Tzu and Louie a Chihuahua. A big girl with a heart of love! 193088503 Andy We call him the greeter because he waits by the door for our arrival. 193088504 Sassy Sassy waits by the door with her cat brother Andy, waiting for her daily doggie walk. She is such a love. 193088505